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 Brown Bullet on Stop the Traffic tickets are expensive. Beyond the fine, you have hidden costs like increased insurance premiums, traffic school time and expense, and even a chance of losing your license. But are you really liable for those expenses?

 Brown Bullet on Stop the We would like to HEAR about your success, with the stopthecop package!
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Scale of Justice on Stop the Cop
I want to update you on Curtis's progress. We went in for a pretrial hearing on 
Tuesday. My son was doing great but having a hard time because this was his first 
time challenging the system. In court last time I watched the DA observe my son and 
noticed he had respect for him. I said talk to the DA before court and see what he 
will do. Well the DA dropped all charges which would have amounted to: max of 6 
months in jail, 3,800.00 dollar fine and suspension of license for up to 2 years. 
He kept the speeding charge. The Judge was surprised because Curtis was going to 
trial. The Judge asked the DA why was he dropping all the charges and
then the Judge said "It is it in the interest of justice" and the DA said
yes. Curtis ended up paying the speeding ticket. He consented before I could get
there for the appointment with the DA. If Curtis followed everything to the
end he would have paid nothing. You can use anything you want to and use my
name also. Everyone should know when going to court to be humble and not
arrogant, listen to and respect the Judge, but object and stay on point. It
is so important to know this information forwards and backwards.
There are a few things I would add to your program just to round
it out a bit but the information is great and the way it is taught is sure
fire. Your Stop the Cop package is great and thank your for the help and
I will recommend it to anyone who needs it.
Thanks, Duane Woodman

I just read my testimonial and you can add one other item if you want. "I
looked at other ticket packages and picked yours because it was right on
point." This is really true. I had 3 choices. Your package was the best for
the novice or even an expert who is steeped in the knowledge of law. Actually 
the Judge commented how well Curtis did and even the Judge had a respect 
for Curtis since is only 19 and knew so much. I cannot stress it enough, be 
humble and respectful, it goes a long way.

Thanks Again, Duane 

  Scale of Justice on Stop the Cop
 I used this system, and won on appeal. At my preliminary hearing, the judge was so flustered,
he barely knew what to do. The fact that he was a snobbish upper classman of mine thirty
years ago in high school made it all the more fun. He finally railroaded me into an illegal "not
guilty" plea and set a trial date. After I left, I filed the motion to recuse along with some other
motions. When I got to trial, sure enough, I had a different judge. He stonewalled and forced
the trial illegally, giving me many grounds for appeal. When I filed the appeal, they stonewalled
again. Finally after several months of hearing nothing I started calling every day. It only took a
couple days of calling to finally get them to say my case was dismissed, and they would refund
my money. That took a while of calling, too, before they finally did send the money. Sure, I had
to learn some law, and I had to appear in court, but it was worth every brain cell and every second,
because in the end, I got the b*****ds!! And that isn't the end of the story. I got pulled over again
a couple of weeks ago. The cop was all poised to give me a ticket, and took my license to his car
to punch it in their computer. Suddenly he was back, handing back my license, and just telling me
he was letting me off with a warning. Do you suppose they have me marked in their system as
someone not to mess with, because I'm onto their tricks?
V.W.L., Shafter, CA

Scale of Justice on Stop the Cop  I was traveling from California to Oklahoma, and got pulled over in Winslow, AZ going 85 in
a 45 zone. I asked to be taken to the magistrate on the spot because a future court date
would be more trouble than it was worth if I had to travel here again. I was sent to the courthouse,
where I saw a magistrate. I started my spiel from your program, and she asked if I was an attorney.
I told her no, that I don't even have a college education. She didn't know how to answer my assertions,
and finally let me go without a fine. I don't know what the fines in Arizona would have been, but I bet
that ticket would have cost me hundreds of dollars in California. Thank you, your program works miracles.
Name withheld by request.



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