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 Brown Bullet on Stop the Traffic tickets are expensive. Beyond the fine, you have hidden costs like increased insurance premiums, traffic school time and expense, and even a chance of losing your license. But are you really liable for those expenses?

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Scale of Justice on Stop the CopFor a one-time cost of $59.95 (the cost of a couple tanks of gas) you can learn how to never pay a traffic fine again as long as you live. Most lawyers charge $200 to $300 to handle a single traffic ticket, and how many lawyers give a money back guarantee??? Yet we do just that. We are so sure this process will work for you that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you use this process, your ticket will probably be dismissed at the preliminary hearing, however, if it is not, and you use this process all the way through to appeal and still lose your case, we will refund 100% of your money upon submission of court transcript and written appeal denial. You've got nothing to lose. This guarantee applies to any ticket received 30 days or less prior to your purchase of the program.

Upon completion of the Paypal process, you will be given a link to download. We will assume that you successfully downloaded the program unless you contact us within two hours of purchase. Please use the "contact" link to the right if you have difficulty downloading the product.

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Brown Bullet on Stop the For $59.95 you get a downloadable audio and written package to teach you the arraignment procedure, the pre-trial motions, trial strategy, and the appeal. (The Stop the Cop Package is 14.5 MB) click here for your connection speed.



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